A lecture of Axel Föhl, a leading German preservationist in the field of industrial buildings, entitled Forty years of preservation of industrial heritage sites in Europe - theory and practice
When: November 14, 2014 from 9:00 in B169
Where: Faculty of Civil Engineering of Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague, Department of Architecture
The ASD 14 Conference deals with current issues of identification, methodological assessment, registration and protection of cultural heritage in the context of sustainable development. The aim is to highlight the potential yet often hidden values of cultural heritage, which in the context of current events explores new and unexpected contexts, and therefore requires updated and alternative approaches to exploration and preservation. This, in particular, applies to industrial heritage, whose special position in the field of cultural heritage and preservation the conference aims to accentuate and thus broaden the debate, particularly about the possibilities of conversion of industrial buildings and potential of contemporary brownfields. Special attention is paid to the issue of protection of cultural values of settlements and landscape.
In general, the ASD 14 Conference intends to draw attention to the need for understanding cultural heritage in a broader context, i.e. urban, architectural, structural, technological, historical, artistic, social, economic connections, etc. Contributions of young researchers from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague, other universities in the Czech and Slovak Republic, monument preservation and other institutions, in particular, will focus on both the theoretical context of the given issue and individual case studies.
The conference will open with the lecture Forty years of preservation of industrial heritage in Europe - theory and practice given by a German expert in the field of preservation of industrial heritage, Prof. Axel Föhl. The lecture can be attended egardless of whether you participate in the further conference programme or not.
Conference topics and the subsequent publications:
- Sustainable development and industrial heritage, modern brownfield sites
- Industrial heritage and art
- Protection of cultural values of settlements and landscape
For a detailed schedule, application forms, details on the lecture given by Prof. Axel Föhl, and more information see 
The conference is supported by the SVK 06/14 / F1 grant funded for specific research from CTU. It has been organized in cooperation with the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage FA CTU in Prague and follows upon the activities of the platform Vestiges of Industry:  



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